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We love our quilting community so much, we’re working hard to create a better way to navigate our beautiful American quilt trails!

In the Works!

We’re planning a new, interactive quilt trail map! We hope you’ll take a moment to tell us what you’d like to see. With your input, we can plan for the most popular locations and trails.

All things have a starting place.  We chose the Vicksburg Quilt Trail in historic Vicksburg, Michigan since this is the home town of Karla Piper, owner and designer of Siesta Silver Jewelry.  Vicksburg is a very special place located in southwestern Michigan between the corn fields and soy bean fields.  It is a community where you can still walk down Main Street and people say hello.  It is a place where you run into old friends at the local grocery store, hardware store or post office.  It is a place where you can hear the church bells chime and the band practicing.  Vicksburg is home.

Do you own a quilt barn? Do you promote a local quilt trail? Do you just love quilts? Then, sign up to keep up with our progress. Share your info so we know what trail to plan next.

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A comprehensive map of quilt trails? We think so!

Whether you want to find all of your favorite patterns, you love barns or the idea of winding around the countryside looking at quilts appeals, we think you are going to love our Quilt Trails!

Just a few of the quilts and barns on the Vicksburg Quilt Trail.